Let us look into the deeper precincts of the so called philanthropy/altruism/charity – the very purpose of doing all these exercise. At the very mention of the term ‘Philanthropy’ the name of Karma-yogi (in actual sense – not in the bookish sense) Monsieur Dominique Lapierre comes to mind. This great warrior, who has been fighting cancer since more than a decade and yet is incessantly working selflessly for the deprived and the needy all over the globe, is a die –hard Calcutta fan. Over the years, Lapierre has donated huge sums of money, mostly royalties from his books, towards the improvement of Kolkata’s slums and the Sunderbans. He has also donated large amounts to Africa and South American countries.

For a better and clearer understanding of true charity let us turn to the immortal ‘Bhagwat Gita’ wherein Lord Shri Krishna has explained to his beloved disciple Arjuna that like the most of the
  conducted by a human being the charity (Danam) also is of three kinds viz. Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik Satvik Danam: The donation which   is given selflessly to the needy and expecting no returns from the donation is the highest level of donation Rajsik : Any donation given in lieu of   some returns whether Name or fame or given without love but in ego is this category of donation. Tamsik: Any donation given out of hatred or   anger or to the un-needy nation or individual is this category. The sum and substance of this whole discussion is that charity should be about   sharing’ and purely for the sake of charity and not for the sake of ostentation. We hope the above prose will succeed in stirring and activating   the philanthropic genes inherent in you.