Alsisar is a Town in Alsisar Mandal in Jhunjhunu District in Rajasthan State in India . Alsisar is Main Town for the Alsisar Mandal . Alsisar is 22.37 km distance from its District Main City Jhunjhunu and 164 km distance from its State Main City Jaipur.

Here tranquility and adventure go hand – in - hand Alsisar is a place where the fun of adventure comes wrapped in a warm blanket of tranquility. Alsisar is believed to be established by a woman named Alsi in the year 1440 AD. The village is situated some 27 km away rom Jhunjunu district headquarters and said to be one of the ideal towns for rural adventures.

What to look around for? Alsisar is a village full of architectural marvels and is a photographer’s delight.
The havelis, temples and cenotaphs stand proud testimony of the artists of an era where nothing short
of perfection prevailed. The village is a quiet place where people celebrate all big and small festivals in a

  traditional style. On a camel ride, through the greens and terrains across the village, you will encounter   peacocks and a variety of other birds. The rural lifestyles of the villagers engaged in their daily chores of   farming, cattle-rearing and artistry will give you a peep into their simple lives.

  What not to miss? The peaceful village of Alsisar has its share of architectural delights. The Alsisar fort   was built in the year 1782 by the then king, Samarth Singh. There are many haveils in Alsisar built by   many businessmens and these structures are some of the finest specimen of carving and frescos. There   are also a number of temples in Alsisar of many Hindu deities.
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about alsisar about alsisar about alsisar about alsisar