The ‘Cow’ is as such a much revered     creature among the people who follow     Sanatan Dharma – specially the merchants     of Rajasthan. In ancient times almost every     house hold used to have cow/cows in the     house for the purpose of having fresh milk     for domestic consumption. Any excess     quantity of milk used to be converted into,     Chena’ or ‘Khoa’ or even curd.....
    This is a purely philanthropic and charitable     organization based in Village Alsisar of Dt:
    Jhunjhnu district of Rajasthan’s historic     Shekhawati region and established in the     year 2007. The basic purpose if this     altruistic institution
– which is managed
    and looked after by the residents and     non- resident ALSISARWALLAHS.....
    Let us look into the deeper precincts of the     so called philanthropy/altruism/charity – the
    very purpose of doing all these exercise.At     the very mention of the term ‘Philanthropy’     the name of Karma-yogi (in actual sense –     not in the bookish sense) Monsieur     Dominique Lapierre comes to mind. This     great warrior, who has been fighting cancer     since more than a decade........
Where to stay? You can option for -
Heritage Properties
Camping at designated camping sites.

How can I get there?
Alsisar is well connected to Jhunjhunu and other major cities in northern India by road.